Kalkan is Turkey’s best-kept secret – nestling as she does on the foothills of the rugged Toros Mountains. Close your eyes, imagine what a Mediterranean harbour should look like: white villas covered in Bougainvillea, winding cobbled streets, roof terraces and harbour-side restaurants and bars – that is Kalkan.


• It is a 12 minute downhill walk into the old village and Kalkan harbour, and a little longer walking back, as it is pretty much all up hill.
• Supermarkets and banks are 8 minutes walk. Head past the school to the main (Market) Road or go down one of the sideroads towards Market Road or Kalamar Road.
• At night, roads around the villa can be dark, so do as we do and catch a taxi back (recommended – normally £3 to £4, depending on whether it is before or after midnight). Most taxi drivers know Villa Narnia. Round up to the nearest lire for a tip.
• Taxi can be booked from the villa phone , with numbers all keyed in.



• Kalkan has an abundance of restaurants, catering for every taste and budget. The quality of cuisine is of a very high standard and even the most expensive restaurants are relatively cheap in UK terms.
• Many of the restaurants in the town have ‘roof terraces’, creating a wonderful atmosphere under the stars. Others have traditional Ottoman style seating, or choose one of the restaurants lining the harbour side and enjoy the tinkling of the rigging from the yachts and gulets moored close by. Please note that you may need to book in high season.
• We recommend that you try as many as you can. Some of the most popular restaurants are:

Olive Garden :   0242 844  2820 (village roof top), superior traditional, $$

Trio:    0242 844 3380 – (harbour) traditional, large variety,
Great bar area $$$

The Fish Terrace :   0242 844 30 76  (harbour) classy, roof terrace $$$

Aubergine :    0242 844 3332 (harbour) traditional, large variety,
Great bar area $$$

Moussaka :    0242 844 36 22 (top road) traditional $$$

Zekis/La Terrazza :   0242 844  2613(village rooftop) continental, $$$

Mahal Hotel: The most romantic venue. Superior BBQ or a la carte by the sea. Phone for details. $$$$$

New restaurants open regularly, so do try others not listed. If you discover a favourite, please feel free to write a short critique (recommended dish etc) in the suggestions section at the back of this folder.
If you’re feeling adventurous why not try a lunch or dinner (early, to capture an amazing view of the sunset) at one of the trout farms in Islamlar, in the hills behind Kalkan (10 minutes drive by car or taxi). Hakan,  our agent, will advise how you get there, truly a wonderful experience.



• Kalkan has an abundance of shops, including jewellery, antiques, Turkish carpets, and some great handbag, clothes and watch shops.
• Market day is Thursday (from 9am till 7pm).
• There are numerous small and medium sized supermarkets, which fulfil all your needs. Some will give you a lift back.  Just ask!
• For the best fresh fruit and vegetables, try the local stores on Market Road.
Kalkan Village Shops in the Evening



• To call the UK dial 00 44 omit the 0 from the STD code and continue with the rest of the code and number i.e. 00 44 20 8508 7551.
• We provide a Turkish ‘pay as you go’ mobile phone, which is programmed with Hakan’s phone number along with taxi and restaurant numbers.  Hakan will set up it for you at a small charge, purely for the top up voucher.  You can also receive international calls, with no charge to you, but it is expensive to phone abroad on this phone and we would advise using the phone in the PTT (post office).



• There are six banks with cashpoints that accept most UK bank cards, one (Deniz bank) in the centre of Kalkan, down from the taxi rank with the PTT (post office) a little further down, and the others by the roundabouts or up Market Road, by the Kur patisserie. You will need your passport to change traveller’s cheques.



• ‘Dolmus’, local buses, run regularly to a wide range of destinations, including Fethiye, Kas, Patara Beach, Kapatus Beach and many others.  Dolmus are a very cheap and fun way to get around and see the local sites. These can be found at the local bus station.
• Taxis are abundant and cheap and can be called on the mobile phone or found at the taxi rank.  Taxis to and from the villa will cost around £3 to £4 if you are going to the harbour (approximately).
• Car hire is widely available in Kalkan to get you further afield: we have used Xpress Cars on the Kalamar Road, Enes Travel (0242 844 3961)and Mediteran travel (just down from the taxi rank – tel: 242 844 2799) several times. Rates are negotiable.



• A range of massages by fully-qualified personnel are available at The Mahal Beach Club and The Regency and Lykia Hotels, which both have a Beauty Centre. There is a gym behind the Yali Supermarket on Market Road.
• Hairdressing and manicures are available at the hairdressers next door to Cafe Leon in the village.